CNC Machining Process

Looking for a reliable and fast delivery supplier of CNC precision machining? With several CNC machines, our unparalleled CNC precision machining technology can ensure that your parts are delivered on time every time. At ASTEEL, our AS9100 certified CNC machining equipment is designed to provide you with CNC precision machining service.

Our customized precision CNC machining capabilities enable parts to be adjusted and perfected for each industry and each specific standard.

For the electronics industry, we process bearing bushes, positioning pins, and inserts with any necessary materials to achieve the highest productivity. Can produce products of any shape, length or size, EASTEEL will determine the final part design according to your specific requirements .

Custom CNC Machining Advantages

  • Can produce parts of almost any shape
  • Cost-effective prototyping and short-term production
  • High dimensional tolerances are possible
  • Can achieve a smooth finish

CNC Machining Specification Attributes:

Material Capabilities Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Plastic, Wood.
Surface treatment Zinc plating/Nickel plating/ Chrome plating/Ion nitriding/ Painting/Powder Coating/Sandblast/Color Anodize/Polish
Drawing Format: 2D drawing : PDF/DWG/DXF , 3D drawing : IGS/STP/ etc
OEM/ODM: Accepted
Equipment: CNC Machining Center, CNC lathe, CNC turning, milling
Package PE bag, carton, pallet, or wooden case
Tolerance As customer drawing
QC report Provided
NDA Available
Service One-stop service. Machining-assembly
Processing CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC machining, Grinding, EDM wire cutting

EASTEEL performs CNC machining of all metals including stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic at a competitive price.

Provide services to all customers, including medical, aerospace, defense, electronics, and business industries.

Maximize the use of castings, forgings, and extrusions to minimize machining and material costs.

Surface Treatment Show:

ASTEEL is equipped with high-tech production lines and surface treatment lines, and you can also custom the colors. Our production process confirms to the ISO 9001 standard and strict quality control.

CNC machining: This is the process of manufacturing high-precision parts that require the production of high-specification parts. When you need a few or more than 100 parts, CNC machining works well. Milling and turning are widely used to process engineering grade plastic and metal parts to produce prototypes.

ASTEEL has been manufacturing high-precision parts to meet the various production needs of customers around the world. Our response time is very fast and will provide you with the required quotation in a short time.

ASTEEL receives bulk orders from many countries. We will carefully analyze their requirements and manufacture parts exactly according to the specifications provided. We have an experienced expert and technical team that can meet the needs of large and even small production. In addition, we have a customer service team proficient in English.

We provide CNC mold polishing, CNC aluminum polishing, CNC plating, brass CNC machining, CNC rapid prototyping, CNC precision machining, etc.

CNC machining type:

According to the type of parts to be processed, there are different types of CNC machines that are most suitable for the job. The CNC milling machine consists of a multi-axis system (three, four or five axes, depending on the complexity of the part). Lathes usually have 2 shafts and cut in circular motion. The electric discharge machine (EDM) uses electric sparks to mold the workpiece into the desired shape. Gear hobbing is another machining method used to cut gears, splines and sprockets. Other processing types include plasma cutting machines and water jet cutting machines.

How to choose a professional manufacturer?

  • From 3 axis to 5 axis CNC machine.
  • It is no problem for the complex item.

  • EASTEEL keep the honest business rule!
  • NDA is Available to all customized Aluminum product customers!
  • Keep the moulding Only for You! Never show on the Internet and any exhibition.
  • QC report is Available for each order!
  • You can know all status of your order.

EASTEEL is a one-stop manufacturing workshop with CNC machining capabilities to meet the needs of various industrial markets. Our engineering and design services provide cost-effective solutions for many companies looking to reduce costs and increase profits. We are able to manufacture products and other CNC machining projects for the medical, transportation, electronics, aerospace, defense, and commercial industries. For custom prototype processing and mass production of parts, we all have certain professional experience and production capabilities.

How to package?

Packing and shipping
  • PE bag, prevent products from rubbing against each other.
  • Carton and pallet, reinforcement and tidy.
  • Or Wooden case.