Metal Stamping Process

Flexible service way :

We have a professional engineer team to design custom parts for your needs, also providing 3D printing. ODM/OEM service, Production Design and Mould Design base on your requirement. Providing the sample before mass production, ensure all is OK for you.

Metal Stamping Specification Attributes :

Materials Stainless steel 304 , 316 , 202 , 201 ,430 . Aluminum 6061, 6062, 5052, Brass, Copper, Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, and so on, accepting custom

Size Range
MIN 3.0 X 3.0 mm, Max 1000 X 2000 mm,
Thickness: 0.4–20.0 mm
Dimensions As client’s requirement, OEM and ODM
Machining Stamping machine for 6.3 Tons to 160 Tons.
Product Max size : 1000 X 600mm
Workflow Laser cutting / Molding, stamping, punching, debur, bending, welding, riveting, packing&delivering
Surface treatment Powder coating, Painting, Shot blasting, Polishing, Electrical galvanizing, Chemical galvanizing, Chrome plating, Nickel Plating, Tumbling, Passivation, etc.
Tooling time 7- 15 days
Support Software Pro-E, UGS, SolidWorks, AutoCAD
Quality Control Chemical analysis, mechanical properties, impact testing, pressure testing, 3D coordinate CMC, metallography, magnetic particle flaw inspection, etc.
Package Carton and Pallet, exact part with a package every pc.

Custom Metal Stamping Materials

Based on the unique metal processing quality of metal stamping, it can be applied to a variety of materials, which is suitable for various industries. Precision metal stamping may require basic common metals to be formed and processed into rare alloys to achieve their application-specific advantages. For precision metal stamping materials, certain industries require the electrical conductivity or thermal conductivity of beryllium copper in the aerospace, electrical, and defense industries, or the high-strength applications of steel and its various alloys in the automotive industry.

1.Metal Stamping for Stainless Steel

EASTEEL can help you choose the stainless steel alloy that best suits your needs according to your unique project requirements. Common uses of stainless steel stamping include aircraft parts, stoves, saw blades, bellows, welding tanks, chemical processing equipment, medical equipment, etc.

2.Aluminum die stamping
Aluminum is commonly used in solar technology and similar applications and reflects light and heat. Aluminum stamping products are also used in the aerospace, industrial, marine, medical, construction, automotive, lighting, and electronics industries. Aluminum can be recycled without deterioration, so it is highly sustainable. It has corrosion resistance because it generates a natural oxide coating, and is resistant to moisture and most chemicals.

3.Carbon Steel Stamping

Among the various metals that can be used to make stamping parts, carbon steel is one of the most important metals: it is the most commonly used metal stamping material in the entire industry. Carbon steel stamping is used for millions of manufactured parts ranging from automotive parts to industrial parts.

The main attraction of carbon steel is its high strength and relatively low cost. Carbon steel also has the advantages of being very easy to form compared to some other metals, including easier to achieve variable wall thickness, which is an important attribute of deep-drawn metal stampings and an excellent welding material.

Surface Treatment Show :

ASTEEL is equipped with high-tech production lines and surface treatment lines, and you can also custom the colors. Our production process confirms to the ISO 9001 standard and strict quality control.

Progressive die product:

Assemble and QC process line :

Assemble working and strictly QC inspection are also provided. Making high-quality products is the most basic for suppliers, but assembly and work is the most basic for customers, we can ensure the assemble and working.


How to choose a professional manufacturer?

  • The max Press Tons: 160 tons.
  • The Workable Sizes: 750*1150mm

Professional in progressive die, with high-speed punch process and lower process and lowest process cost.

  • EASTEEL keep the honest business rule!
  • NDA is Available to all customized Aluminum product customers!
  • Keep the moulding Only for You! Never show on the Internet and any exhibition.
  • QC report is Available for each order!
  • You can know all status of your order.
Packing in a box
  • Good quality is nothing until arrive you!
  • Strong wood case, Carefully loading keep the high-quality goods arrive you!

EASTEEL provides a variety of die casting services, including high-pressure aluminum die casting, Zamak die casting, low pressure die casting, aluminum gravity die casting, passivation die casting, sandblasting die casting, electrophoresis die casting, etc. The processes and the material you can choose according to your needs.

EASTEEL provides high-quality customized die-casting services for your parts, components and product needs. The die casting process also allows the creation of parts with complex shapes and unique tolerances.
Please contact us for more information about our customized die casting process and die casting applications, or call us at +8657188305472, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our die casting process.

How to package?

  • Bubble pack, prevent products from rubbing against each other.
  • Carton and pallet, reinforcement and tidy.
  • Or Wooden case.
Packing and shipping

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