movable partition

Movable walls System are specified where functional space delineation is an integral element within the partition project. Due to their flexibility and cost effectiveness they allow large rooms to be conveniently sub-divided to maximize space utilization. Principle applications include office interiors, meeting rooms, sports and leisure facilities, schools, colleges, churches, conference and function suites, exhibition centers, banks and restaurants.

Welcome to customized your movable partition system !

Different Accessories

The versatility of the EASTEEL movable wall partition system allows you to create all types of partition walls, movable folding partition walls, and flexible movable partitions that reshape spaces and change the look of rooms.

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to create a room divider in an attic space or a child’s bedroom, a boss that wants to install movable partition walls for an office, a gym owner that wants a colorful and fun partition for a play or exercise area, or a party holder that wants to divide a tent or banquet hall for a special event in an elegant way, or a purchaser for school movable partition board for a school, the versatility of the EASTEEL flexible wall partition system makes these types of projects a breeze.

Create multiple rooms in a single space, quickly and easily, without dust or debris. You can easily install flexible movable partition panels yourself and reposition, reconfigure, dismantle and move them to other locations as needed.

Create stunning walls for displays, events, factories, facilities, and anywhere you want to divide space.

Create cool movable office partitions dividers that can be configured as needed for any space.

With sliding movable office partitions, you can make fully customizable accent walls and room dividers that can vary in height, width, thickness, color, shape or opening. Translucent blocks can be added to allow light in, or LED strips can be installed inside the blocks to create illumination.